CUN professional power induction. The kitchen module of stainless steel series is fitted with a gastro professional power induction hob with 2 zones with knob control. Each zone has a diameter of 23cm and 1,8 Kw power. If one zone only is been used all the power level gets directed to this zone. For example use the front zone only and get 3,5 kW on this. The kitchen module features one drawer and one shelf underneath. The drawer is handleless and can be easily detached for cleansing. The cart has a easy fit system for quick fitting of accessories or a connection board on the left and on the right.

working top: stainless steel AISI 304
structure: stainless steel AISI 304
corpus: stainless steel AISI 304
drawer: 1
width: 692 mm
depth: 604 mm
height: 950 mm
weight: 68 kg
hob: induction 2 zones electric
voltage: 230 V
power: 3,6 kW
protection: 16 A
plug: Schuko
completely assembled:
dimensions drawer inside 1: 495x410x65 mm
maximum load drawer 1: 30 kg
maximum load cart: 75 kg
Wheels with brake: 2
Wheels without brake: 2
delivery time: 4-5 weeks
price: 7.791,00 €VAT 22% included
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