kitchen modules » AUXILIUM

A kitchen full of opportunities

An innovative kitchen trolley made with advanced craftsmanship

The AUXILIUM system made by JOKODOMUS provides small kitchen aids for various applications by discerning hobby cooks. A passion for traditional shapes in combination with modern kitchen technology and precise craftsmanship are the ingredients for perfect pleasure.

AUXILIUM supplements the modular kitchens made by JOKODOMUS. The kitchen trolley provides a work surface for kitchen work, a storage place for devices and utensils as well as an attractive place for drinks during a private dinner or in the wine cellar. There is of course also sufficient space for accessories: from a bottle holder and knife set to a storage area for spatulas and tongs. Kitchen tools can be easily attached to the side rail. Functionality and flexibility are the top requirements for all products.

kitchen modules » CUN

The kitchen at the heart of home life

JOKODOMUS kitchen modules for indoor and outdoor spaces

The CUN modular system by JOKODOMUS meets all the requirements of innovative cooking options. The individual modules can be flexibly and dynamically combined to form either a line or a compact block. The latest kitchen devices are highly functional. Well-defined lines unobtrusively add to the indoor or outdoor atmosphere.

The kitchen is at the heart of any home. This is where people meet to talk, to eat and drink and to share both everyday experiences and some unique moments. Modular kitchen systems by JOKODOMUS open up this space, effortlessly supplementing and shaping any environment. In a holiday home by the lake, the kitchen might be outdoors, for casual cooking with the entire family. It can be on the roof terrace when you are having drinks with friends. It is the highlight when you are showing off your cooking skills in an exclusive loft apartment.

The options for combining CUN units are as versatile as their applications. At the core is a stainless steel kitchen module, equipped with a hob, teppanyaki grill and sink, depending on your requirements. Selected details are added, either made from traditional hornbeam or oak wood, or from black and white acrylic stone for an elegant modern touch.

Additional kitchen appliances such as a Big Green Egg, oven, barbecue grill, dishwasher and refrigerator can be added to ensure a wide-ranging cooking experience.
CUN kitchen trolleys combine the demand for design, materials and workmanship. The overall appearance is one of minimalist architectural design, focusing on elementary principles. The modules can be freely and independently combined within the space available.
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