From the choice of the finest woods to the latest finishing touches, this is the ancient art from which JOKODOMUS logs and chopping boards are made.

Since its born, JOKODOMUS has made mastery in the treatment of wood a highly distinctive feature of the brand that has led it to excel continuously over the years.

The wood of white hornbeam and oak is selected in winter in the forests of central Europe and transported immediately to Salorno in Italy. Here begins the natural drying process that lasts at least 12 months and ends with a variable period in the autoclave for vacuum drying. The drying process is essential to achieve the JOKODOMUS quality standards.

Subsequent woodworking combines industrial processes of optimization with artisan processes such as edge finishing and oiling for food contact, all of which are strictly handmade.

The wood waste is collected and reused to generate heat for both heating the building and feeding industrial processes such as wood drying.

JOKODOMUS does not use any chemical agents in its production processes.


From the precision of the industrial processes to the care of the handcrafted finishing, this is how JOKODOMUS steel is born.

The choice of materials for kitchens is at least as important as the subsequent processing. Stainless steel is a generous material, which confers essential qualities for a high level kitchen and which requires special attention in the processing and finishing phase.

The absolute excellence of JOKODOMUS kitchens also comes from a workmanship capable of alternating the use of high-precision industrial machinery with the craftsmanship of the finishing touches, made strictly by hand.

Machines with pressure sensor control are indispensable for an impeccable satin finish. The visible welds and edging are initially carried out with robotic technology machinery and then resumed with manual processing that perfects the aesthetics for an uncompromising elegance.

Even the most delicate parts such as the assemblies are only carried out by qualified personnel, with great craftsmanship experience and maniacal attention to detail.


Why choose JOKODOMUS?

Infinite possibilities

More than just Barbeque: a JOKODOMUS kitchen brings all your cooking techniques outside, celebrating every flavor.

Modular design

Easy to put together: choose the functions you want and create the kitchen of your dreams.

Easy to clean

The stainless steel structures, as well as the cooking plates, can be perfectly sanitized.

Easy to move

Designed to be where you are, transforming the outdoors into a place to relax and enjoy life.


Satisfied Clients

Jokodomus loft kitchens are perfect for any occasion, whether for moments of socializing or simply a relaxed dinner in a cozy atmosphere. Thanks to the practicality and top quality of the modules, every occasion becomes a special moment.

Burkhard Bacher

Chef Ristorante "Kleine Flamme", Vipiteno ITALIA



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Awards and Certifications


MOCA (Materiali e Oggetti a Contatto con Alimenti) certifications are awarded to producers of materials and objects that come into contact with foodstuffs. Third-pary tests demonstrate compliance with legislative requirements, adoption of positive production techniques, and respect for proper safety requirements.


Recognition for innovation in the hospitality sector awarded by HOST-Fiera Milano in collaboration with The award is given to products/services/designs that boas distinctive characteristics in terms of functionality, technology, environmental and ethical sustainability, or can boast special applications.

Interior Innovation Award 2014

JOKODOMUS won the Interior Innovation Award 2014.