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Big Green Egg

“The original Kamado since 1974.” A timeless Japanese cooking technique presented anew with maniacal attention to detail and destined for a contemporary clientele of professionals and aficionados. It lets cooks have fun, switching seamlessly between cooking and smoking techniques for dishes with steaks, bread, pizza, pulled pork and much, much more.

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Fulgor Milano

Fulgor Milano is a creative kitchen design company that promotes Italian excellence all over the world. Realized in keeping with the highest quality standards, Fulgor Milano barbeques are synonymous with power and elegance. Their refined design will transform any space into a convivial, comfortable and safe space for enjoying food.

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For over a century V-ZUG has been working to simplify life its clients’ lives, offering innovative, high-quality kitchen appliances. V-ZUG dishwashers are considered a gold standard for build quality and sustainability. JOKODOMUS utilizes the Adora SL model, which boasts the best of today’s technologies: crystal-clear washes, steam drying, automatic doors, self-cleaning cycles…

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Gaggenau appliances are conceived for superior performance, inspiring those who use them to create refined culinary masterpieces that would be the envy of any professional kitchen. The Gaggenau name has always been synonymous with functionality and elegance. JOKODOMUS modules equip Gaggenau appliances from the VARIO 400 series: flex induction, teppanyaki and grills.

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Bora is a world leader in integrated vents, a brand synonymous with simplicity, quality and attention to detail. Cooking stations equipped with JOKODOMUS odor filters – designed for both private and professional use – equip BORA vent products.

I wanted to create a kitchen that was elegant, flexible in use and suitable for a variety of cooking methods; Easy & fun to use.

Josi Kosta


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JOKODOMUS collaborates with the world’s most prestigious kitchen appliance makers, creating an unparalleled cooking experience.

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Awards and Certifications


MOCA (Materiali e Oggetti a Contatto con Alimenti) certifications are awarded to producers of materials and objects that come into contact with foodstuffs. Third-pary tests demonstrate compliance with legislative requirements, adoption of positive production techniques, and respect for proper safety requirements.

HOST & POLI.design

Recognition for innovation in the hospitality sector awarded by HOST-Fiera Milano in collaboration with POLI.design. The award is given to products/services/designs that boas distinctive characteristics in terms of functionality, technology, environmental and ethical sustainability, or can boast special applications.

Interior Innovation Award 2014

JOKODOMUS won the Interior Innovation Award 2014.